God’s Plan for your Wellbeing

January-March 2022

Wellbeing is a key focus in society at the moment. The pandemic has led to many of us facing tough challenges working from home, living with isolation, home-schooling; dealing with anxiety, illness, financial or work stresses and sadly coming to terms with loss. This series looks to God our creator, and to His word (The Bible) , for guidance about how we can improve our sense of wellbeing and find peace or ‘true flourishing’ in Him.

* This self-assessment is provided by KingsGate Community Church and is facilitated by them.


You probably won’t find the word in your Bible but you will read about ‘peace’. In the Old Testament the word peace comes from the Hebrew word ‘shalom’ - a word used over 250 times in the Old Testament. ‘Shalom’ is a rich word that has a sense of health or wholeness – more literally it means ‘complete wellbeing in every area of life’ - a holistic flourishing.


The schedule may change so please check back regularly.

The series began on the 9th of January 2022 and ran for 8 weeks. The topics covered were;

  • Introduction – A Healthy MINDSET

  • God’s Plan for your PHYSICAL wellbeing

  • God’s Plan for your EMOTIONAL wellbeing

  • God’s Plan for your RELATIONAL wellbeing

  • God’s Plan for your SPIRITUAL wellbeing

  • God’s Plan for your FINANCIAL wellbeing

  • God’s Plan for your VOCATIONAL wellbeing

Daniel Fast* / Pray ‘22

Alongside the series, starting on the 9th January, we joined together in a 21 day Prayer & Fasting focus called ‘Pray ‘22’. Find out more by clicking the button below.

The Book

God’s Plan for Your Wellbeing by Dave Smith is a 50-day devotional – fuel for the journey.

We aim to provide the books at our Sunday services for free or you can purchase the book from Waverley Abbey Resources, or Eden Books or Amazon.

Dave Smith is one of the most gifted Christian leaders in the UK today and I am delighted that he has produced this exciting new book to help all of us grow in wellbeing.’ Nicky Gumbel Vicar of HTB and pioneer of Alpha

‘It’s hard to think of a more timely message than Dave Smith’s invitation to whole-life whole-person wellbeing. This is not just some kind of buzz word; it’s a profoundly biblical concept of shalom affecting every single area of life. Dave Smith is the kind of leader who practices what he preaches and this message has been outworked in the lives of thousands already. I’m particularly glad that he has covered such a wide range of aspects of wellbeing – from mental health to finances and vocation. This is a brilliant and timely resource.’ Pete Greig 24-7 Prayer International and Emmaus Rd Church


Further Resources

These are resources from around the web - we believe these are helpful but need to be accessed with discernment as there may be aspects we see differently.


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