Discover, use and grow in your gifts

God has created you with a purpose - He has given you gifts to bring Him glory through serving and blessing others. The moment you are saved you get caught up in God's global mission, and serving is a great way to discover and grow in your gifts. It is also, of course, one of the most Jesus like things you can do and grows our character too.

A key part to being part of Redeemer is committing to 'own' the mission God has called us to, and part of that is serving each other and others (which is ultimately serving God!) 

Want to volunteer to serve in a particular area? Happy to do whatever is needed? Which is the best way to find out what tour gifts are! Let us know by filling out the form below and someone will get in touch!

Filling out this form does not mean you have to serve  - but are simply taking the next steps towards that or simply finding out more information about ways to serve. If you like to get back to THE HUB simply click the image above.

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