Gather | Grow | Give | Go

The heart (motivation) and hands (application) of how we work out our mission at Redeemer is summarised in four ‘Gs’ - Gather, Grow, Give and Go. Our mission is to ‘lead people to discover fullness of life by helping them find and follow Jesus.’

In June 2019 we preached a sermon series called ‘The 4Gs’ - unpacking what we mean by each one. This material currently serves as a significant part of our membership material.


Below are sermons on ‘The 4Gs’ and the accompanying PowerPoints. If you are considering joining Redeemer, or have been coming along and are thinking of making it your home, these sermons are a great starting place to understand the What and the How of Redeemer life. Click through below and have a listen.


You may also be interested in the following links which are various ways we have revisited our values and culture over the years.