Resources to help you discover and develop the gifts God has given you

This page is developing so may change

1 Corinthians 12v1 Paul writes to the church in Corinth and says, ‘Now concerning spiritual gifts, brothers, I do not want you to be uninformed.This was a church that was misusing and abusing spiritual gifts - rather than ‘shut them down’ Paul goes on to outline healthy use of spiritual gifts. Many today, in response to ‘misuse’ of spiritual gifts have moved to ‘no use’, and others have simply not been ‘informed’ that spiritual gifts are available today and not just for the ‘past’. The Bible is describes a vibrant, full of life, gifted people who serve each other and the world around them with the gifts God gives - and in so doing find their purpose and fulfillment.

We believe every christian has been given gifts by God to discover and develop for His glory and the good of the world. These resources are to help you do just that!

Discovering and Developing your gifts

To help you discover and develop your gift we suggest the following steps (the order is not the most important part), however our appeal is to ensure you do not do this alone but within your church community where others can encourage, guide and spur you on. Remember - these are simply ‘tools to help you’ and are meant to be helpful rather than defining! Please remember to take a note of your results to input into our record (links below) so we can know the gifts in the church and help you on your journey

1) Take the spiritual gifts test

2) Take the ‘Fivefold’ TEST


Once both surveys/tests are completed please send in your results if you are happy to. Your results will only be seen by the Redeemer leadership and those trusted to help you. Results will NOT be published anywhere with your name.