PRAY 2022

We are starting the year as we mean to go on - by being a ‘Pray First’ people, setting aside 21 days to focus on prayer and fasting. Scroll through the booklet below for daily prayer guides, and see further resources below.

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We have set our hearts to be a people of prayer. We seek to “Pray First.” In every situation, whether good or bad, we try to pray before we act - prayer should be our first response, not our last resort.

Prayer moves God’s hand. He has commanded us to pray. It is a privilege to pray. It is also a discipline and we hope these resources ignite your heart and equip you to pray. Thank you for joining us on this journey - let’s dream together of what God might do in and through a praying church. Let’s pray – when we gather, and when we scatter. When we are hurting and when life is great. When we have 30 minutes and when we have 30 seconds. When we are at work, home, church or on the streets.

What, When, How?

Every January we set aside deliberate time to focus on prayer. In January 2022 we are setting aside three weeks to focus TOGETHER on prayer. We will also be encouraging individuals to FAST as well as undertaking a DANIEL FAST TOGETHER as a community (see Daniel Fast information at the bottom of the page). We will begin our focus and corporate Daniel fast on the evening of Sunday 9th January 2022 with a prayer gathering. The prayer schedule and rhythm for the following three weeks are outlined below - we encourage you to make a note of the prayer gatherings and prioritise them in your calendar - as well as building in your own prayer time. The three weeks will culminate with an afternoon of Prayer and Worship in Chelmsford on Sunday the 30th of January as we seek to partner with our network to see a church pioneered there (more details to come).


Sunday Prayer Gatherings

  • Sunday 9th January / 7:45-9:00pm / Sunday Venue

  • Sunday 16th January / 7:45-9:00pm / Sunday Venue

  • Sunday 23rd January / 7:45-9:00pm / Sunday Venue

  • Sunday 30th January / 2:30-6:30pm / Chelmsford plant prayer walk & gathering

Zoom Prayer Links

Sunday evening prayer gatherings will be in-person, whilst mid-week prayer gatherings will be on Zoom for ease of access - links below - simply click the highlighted text or copy and paste the short link;



Scroll through the below presentation for prayer topics and prompts.


Why do we fast? The goal of fasting is to turn ourselves from worldly things and set our minds and hearts fully on God. It is not a way to manipulate God or coerce him to hear and answer our prayers, but rather it acknowledges our complete dependence on him. Fasting awakens us to the reality that we are so often driven by our fleshly desires and appetites. It humbles us and awakens us to our great need for and reliance on God. As you consider fasting, we want to encourage you to listen to the Holy Spirit. Ask God to lead you in this time of seeking His face. Whether you choose to fast for one day, several days, or the entire 21 days, the point is to humble yourself in a new way and draw near to God. Here are some ideas of what you could choose.’ (The Summit Church)

Take part in a simple fast

During January we fast together as a community - encouraging individuals to fast and for all those who can to join us in a ‘partial fast’ - a Daniel Fast. In the bible, Daniel's fight against spiritual forces was aided by his prayer with fasting. The Daniel Fast is a simple way for us all to learn and grow together in the powerful discipline. You eat a simple diet and this helps focus your heart on God and continue to pray.

Three reasons to take part

  1. It will help us pray beyond our gatherings and add spiritual weight to our prayers.

  2. We will encounter God.

  3. In this time of adversity, it will help us thrive.

How it works

To take part simply download the guide and cookbook below and plan your fast (thanks to Relational Mission for these resources). If you are changing your diet or doing a form of fast for the whole 21 days, start on Monday 11th January and break fast on Sunday 31st January. If you can’t change your diet for medical reasons or you just don’t think you can fast from certain foods, the guide includes suggestions as to other ways you can fast.

Fasting does not gain us any merit with God but it is a weapon that gains ground for the Kingdom.

We believe that, like Daniel, our fasting together will lead to even more breakthrough than would otherwise have happened. Join us, let’s draw near to God together and see Him move in power.


Plan your Daniel fast (optional). We have produced a guide and a cookbook - simply click on the images to download a pdf.


Find even more resources at

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