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At Redeemer we believe that small groups are the beating heart of church family. They are the place where we grow together, make friends and seek to serve the people in community around us. Whilst we have different categories of groups, a key focus of all of them is to build authentic, supportive and encouraging relationships that help us to discover fullness of life by finding and following Jesus. Being part of a Life Group is a core part of what it means to be part of Redeemer.

TERMLY RHYTHM - Groups run for a term at a time, with sign up before or during the term. If a group repeats, you are welcome to sign up for that one again.

GROUP CATEGORIES - We have four types of groups, the main two being our GATHER and GROW groups. We encourage everyone to be in a GATHER group at least once a year.

  • Gather Groups - These are holistic groups that are varied but generally include fellowship worship, prayer and looking at Sunday’s sermon.

    • There are two forms of Gather Groups - GATHER CORE and GATHER+. Gather Core are weekly and as outlined above, whilst Gather+ groups have various patterns and are supplemental or stepping stones to gather Core groups.

  • Grow Groups - These groups have a practical focus for a season (e.g. Alpha Course, Freedom in Christ course, Prophecy)

  • Give Groups - These are groups formed around a serving project and are occasional (e.g. Neighbourhood clean)

  • Go Groups - These are groups formed around missional projects and are occasional (e.g. Treasure Hunting, Praying for the Nations).


With a wide variety of groups on offer we hope there's something for everyone, whether you're new to the church or have been with us for a while. If you are interested in joining a Life Group you can browse the list below to find a good fit for you.

PLEASE NOTE - You will see that groups that meet fortnightly state that they run on either the Week A or Week B timetable. This is to prevent fortnightly groups clashing as much as we can in order that you can attend more than one if you wish. Please pay attention to this if this if you are hoping to sign up to multiple groups.

Life Group Dates

Autumn Term

  • Sign up: Window opens Monday 26th July 2021

  • Start: Week commencing 13th September 2021 is the first week.

  • End: Week commencing 13th December 2021 is the last week.

Spring Term

  • Sign up: Window opens Monday 20th December 2021

  • Start: Week commencing 3rd January 2022 is the first week.

  • End: Week commencing 28th March 2022 is the last week.


  • Having trouble viewing the groups below, or scrolling on a mobile? If so, try opening in ChurchSuite.

  • To filter by day or tag, click the dropdown menu and highlight (click) each option you want - you can elect multiple. By default all groups are shown.

  • If the group list is empty it means we are at the end of one term and will soon be opening up the next sign-up window.

    Not sure which group or simply want to ask a question? Message us HERE.



1. When do small groups run?

Groups run on a termly basis for between 10-12 weeks. You can find out the start date for groups on the Life Groups page of the website.

2. When can I sign up for a group?

Before each small group term starts there is a ‘sign up window’ where you can take a look at all the groups on offer and express your interest to attend one (or more).  Sign up months generally run from Aug-Sep for the autumn term, Dec-Jan for the spring term and April-May for the summer term.

3. What happens if I miss the sign up window?

During the ‘sign up window’ you’ll have plenty of opportunity to sign up for a group.  However on occasions it may be possible for you to join a group during the term if there is still space.  Some groups, aimed specifically at welcoming new people, stay open throughout the term.

4. Can I join more than one group?

Yes you can, but just be realistic about your capacity.  It is better to join one group and attend regularly than lots of groups occasionally. Some groups are more occasional and can be ‘added’ to your main group.

5. How do I know which group is right for me?

Each group has a description that tells you what the group is about and what type of group it is.  If you want to know more information about the group to help you see if it’s the right one for you, you can contact the group leader to find out more.

6. What happens after I sign up to a group?

You’ll get an automated email confirming your group selection.  Then, after the sign up window has closed, your new group leader will get in touch with you with some more details.

7. What can I do if a group I would like to join is full?

Many groups will run for more than one term so you will have another opportunity to sign up next term.  In the meantime, hopefully you can find another group you’re open to trying.

8. Can I stay in the same group for more than one term?

Many groups run for more than one term and if you find a group you really love then you are free to sign up to it again.  But sometimes stepping out of our comfort zones into new experiences or relationships can be wonderfully stretching and enriching so we’d encourage you to be open to the Spirit’s leading at the beginning of each term.