Our Story

Redeemer Colchester is a new church. We began very small, with the Pearce family moving from Canterbury to start things off in mid 2015. Since then we’ve grown consistently - we originally met mid-week and travelled to our partner church in Ipswich on Sundays.  Fairly quickly, we started gathering in homes in Colchester on Sundays and then in May 2016 we moved into our first 'official' venue - a social club. We have now outgrown that venue and moved on to a larger school hall (September 2018).

It is has been a relatively short adventure, but an exciting one! People's lives have been impacted, we have baptised some and seen others become followers of Jesus. Although fairly small and young, we have also been able to travel and support other churches in various nations.


When the Apostle Paul planted churches he generally followed a certain pattern. He began by establishing a regular gathering of believers who called themselves disciples or Christians. Over time he would identify and train certain men to lead the church, and they would be called ‘elders’. Our first elders were appointed in March 2019. Our eldership team is made up of four men - Alastair McDonald, Tom Allen, Ben Parker and Hugh Pearce.

Hugh & Claire Pearce

Ben & Mikka Parker

Tom & Nicole

Tom & Nicole

Al & Debs McDonald

Al & Debs McDonald


Hugh Pearce - Leads the Staff Team

Mikka Parker - Administration and Student Work Coordinator

Esteban Ocana - Communication, Student Work & Administration assistant


Redeemer Church  is part of the Newfrontiers worldwide movement of churches, and more specifically we are part of the Relational Mission family of churches within that movement (Read the 'We Are Relational Mission' booklet here). Newfrontiers is a worldwide network of about 1500 churches churches in over 60 nations.  Our key partner churches are The City Church and Hope Church.  These affiliation sit within the broader historic tradition of Protestant Reformed churches, with a strong emphasis on Charismatic renewal.



One of the privileges of being part of the Relational Mission family of churches is the support and oversight we are given by the network’s apostolic team and their delegates. This spiritual care is not imposed, but rather sought after. We do not want to ‘go alone’, or merely ‘sign up’ to a network. We want to develop significant, meaningful relationships as we see reflected in the Bible between churches and their spiritual fathers.  Maurice Nightingale has particularly supported, cared for and inputed into us and Tom Shaw similarly has been a great support and influence - he is currently based at Sanctuary Church in San Fransisco. Currently we are part of one of our network’s ‘Communities’ which is led by Tom Scrivens who is based at hopeipswich.co.uk.